Cough, Cough, Cough….

Awww not again, why won’t you just leave,

It seems like the only one you feel the need to bother is me….

I drink water and I drink tea, I drink every beverage that I see (non alcoholic of course, I don’t drink)

I try and hold you in, but of course a stubborn mule like you,

Just keeps on pushing……we could be in the most quietest place,

Then BOOM RKO, OUT OF NOWHERE, there you go…..

You will go soon, I know it, even though you think you won’t

You and I both know, at some point you always do……

Now excuse me as I go on a coughing spree for the next few minutes….

All The Love ❤ ❤



Numb like a body in icy waters……

Numb like the presence of someone that drains everything out of you…..

Numb in the presence of something oh so familiar,

Numb like the emotions that’ll soon take over….

Why so numb you ask!?

Well, it’s cause I don’t know how to be anything else, but that…..

I could shake the feeling, I could try to feel something else

But I like it, even though I know it’s no good for me,

At least it’s a feeling that will never leave me…….

Inspired Theme Post:

All The Love ❤ ❤

~Lexa~ ❤ ❤


Fast time, slow time, what time is it!?

My time, your time, who’s time is it!?

Is it wrong, is it right, why is it hard to pick a time!?

No time to worry, no time to stress,

All we need to do is figure out a time to sort it……

We can sort it, I know we can, it’s just all on the time.

No timing is right, no timing is wrong,

All that matters is that it’s sorted…….

All The Love ❤ ❤


Scattered Mind…..

Scattered Mind, Sleepless Nights,

Every Thought In My Head…..

I Toss & Turn, As The Feeling Continues To Stir……

Looks Like I’m Staying Up Instead…….

Morning’s Here, Up At The Sound Of The Alarm,

Restless From The Night Before,

Scattered Mind, Still In Gear, Still Being Lead By Fear……..

March 19, 2019…..

All The Love ❤ ❤



What are you doing here!? I didn’t ask for your company……I’m trying to stay calm, yet you keep wanting me to worry!?

Although you maybe trying to take over completely, I will not let you in, I will continue to stay calm and keep you from getting to me.

I maybe stressed and unable to focus, but that doesn’t mean, you have the right to try and push your way in, so go away because you’re not welcome.

You can try and scare me off, but it’s not going to work, i’m in charge, you’re just an emotion, a fear that I refuse to let win.

All The Love ❤ ❤



Impatient I am, Impatient i’ll be, impatient because of me……i’m calm, but i’m not, i’m trying, yet I still feel I need to try harder.

Can’t think straight and my mind is tired, but I know that I can’t stop……..holding on to my emotions, while trying to keep these thoughts from scattering.

Breathe I know, relax I know, i’m trying can’t you see!!? My frustration grows and emotions flow, but i’m trying to somehow keep it together……

Impatient I am, but patient is what I have to be, because even though my impatience is me……at least i’m trying…….

All The Love ❤ ❤


Lost In Thought…..

My mind thinks, as i’m lost in thought. Every little thought calmly floating around in my head, thinking deeply as I add a little emotion to the mix.

These thoughts, I ponder and these emotions they linger, wanting me to hear them, forcing me to feel them, can’t hide it or ignore it if I tried…….

Lost in thought again, thinking deeper now, sitting still as i’m trying to keep my mind and emotions under control.

I’m no longer lost in thought, now i’m just thinking……

All The Love ❤ ❤


Don’t Think…..

Don’t think, it’s only going to cause you stress, don’t think it’ll only leave you anxious, don’t think you might just talk yourself out of things.

Don’t think or else you’ll be there all day, don’t think I can see the pressure building, quick think of something else!!

Anything except for what i’m telling not to think about………are you calm now!? Have you stopped thinking!?………..You haven’t stopped have you!?

Don’t think too much, just relax and breathe, everything’s going to be fine, if you have to think, think calmly, but don’t let the thinking get to you.

All The Love ❤ ❤