Feb 9, 2019

Hey everyone, hope you’re all doing well and you’re having a good day……………I was up early this morning, I started writing around 8:30am this morning, it’s around 11:30am now close to 12pm, so that’s the first time and the earliest i’ve ever written………….I’m not exactly sure what it is that I want to write about though, i’m going to just write and see what comes out as I go along.

I gave myself a mental face palm today, I was told something earlier and I completely mixed up and was mistaken on it, I had to look into it and when I realized what it actually was, I did that thing where when you realize something and you’re like “Ahhh so stupid” you know what I mean!?

I hate when that happens, because it’s like you should know and if you don’t know, it feels like you should have known, does that make sense!?………I hope it does, I mean I guess it happens to the best of us, all we can do is just try and remember it for next time.

Although, I know that it’ll probably happen again because those kind of moments don’t just happen once, but i’ll try and remember for next time.

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Wrestling Reviews: Raw & Smackdown Live’s Opening Segments (1/28/19 & 1/29/19)

Originally Written Feb 5———Looked Over and Edited Feb 6

Alrighty so as you all probably know i’ve talked about possibly reviewing wrestling again, but in just written form this time, I started to sorta get back into it last week, starting with the Royal Rumble and then following with Monday Night Raw and literally just watching last weeks Smackdown Live episode yesterday.

Now i’m actually going to do things differently and talk about the opening segments to both shows and tell you which one I thought was better in my opinion in this post and in another post I will talk about the matches of both shows along with some of the small other segments in the show also this will be all from last weeks episode, not this weeks. I don’t know how this will turn out, but we’ll figure it out along the way.

Moving on let’s start with Monday Night Raw’s opening segment:

Raw 1/28/19: We opened Monday Night Raw with Seth Rollins heading to the ring talking about wining the Royal Rumble and being able to live out his dream, pointing at the WrestleMania sign, knowing he’s gained the opportunity to main event WrestleMania.

Now although he may have won the Royal Rumble, he knows that, that’s only the beginning process of heading to WrestleMania, in the segment he contemplates on two big decisions, those decisions being whether he should go on to face Brock Lesnar for the Universal Championship at WrestleMania or challenge Daniel Bryan who’s on the opposite brand to his at Smackdown Live for the WWE Championship instead.

Triple H then heads to the ring, congratulating Seth on winning this years Royal Rumble while expressing how proud he is of him for testing the limits and fighting through 29 other competitors, but also telling Seth that although he gets the hard decision he has to make, they both know that the machine keeps going and that he’ll have to make his decision during the night.

The opening segment gets much more interesting when Dean Ambrose (one of my favorite wrestlers) makes his way to the ring, reminding Seth of who had his back when Triple H didn’t believe in him, calling Seth a suck up, which causes Triple H to interject while adding a little fuel to the fire by bringing up Roman and reminding Dean on when he backstabbed Seth the same night Roman announced he was leaving because he’d been battling Leukemia again.

Dean gets agitated, leading him to challenge and demand a match against Seth to where Triple H refused to give to him at first until Dean provoked him, leading Triple H to make the match between the two in the end

My thoughts on this segment: I actually thought that the opening segment to last weeks Raw was pretty alright, both Dean and Seth are great, both in ring and on the mic and their chemistry is always good whether their friends or rivals. Triple H also always does great on the mic, although i’m not the biggest fan of his, you can’t deny that he does know what he’s doing when it comes to running things behind the scenes, like it or not.

Thinking about it though Seth really didn’t say all that much in the segment when it was the three of them in the ring, the only people that really said much were Dean & Triple H, but overall I thought the opening to Raw was pretty alright, that’s all the thoughts I have with that though.

Moving on down to the Blue Brand known as Smackdown Live and it’s segment:

Smackdown Live 1/29/19: We open Smackdown Live with Becky Lynch heading down to the ring and talking about her surprise visit to Monday Night Raw, challenging Ronda Rousey at WrestleMania for the Raw Women’s Championship after winning the Rumble (not having to really think too hard on who she wanted to face)

She admits to not having the best start at the Rumble in her match with Asuka (who’s the SDL women’s champion) but that unlike Ronda, she got back up and won the rumble with just one good leg.

She mentioned how Ronda stated Becky having to work her way up in the WWE, while she was already main eventing in the UFC, but that she (Becky) isn’t ashamed of that, if anything she’s proud of coming from nothing and crossing paths with the people she had to face to get to where she is now.

As well as being mostly proud of working her backside off from being on the kick-off show of last years WrestleMania to now main eventing this years Mania without being handed anything.

She talks how when she looked into Ronda’s eyes last week on Raw, she saw the one thing that she no longer has anymore which was doubt and talks breaking Ronda’s arm off at Mania and if she doesn’t believe that going into Mania, she’ll be carried out knowing it.

We then had the queen that is Charlotte Flair come out to the ring, congratulating Becky and being proud of her for getting off the kick off shows and i’ll try and sum this part up, pretty much Charlotte took credit for Becky being in the main event at WrestleMania stating that Becky learned something from her, Becky laughed, then sent a real nice shot to Charlotte’s face before leaving the ring leading to a brawl between the two.

Now for my thoughts on SDL’s opening segment: I thought this segment showcased greatly if that makes any sense at all, I thought it was great pretty much, same with Dean & Seth, Charlotte & Becky also have incredible chemistry and i’ll say it again whether they’re on the same team or sitting across from each other at the same table, like Seth & Dean, they’re just great, Charlotte brings out the best in Becky and Becky brings out the best in Charlotte, although both equality shine brightly separately.

They’re both great talents, they know how to work the mic especially when they’re together in my opinion and they really know how to either have you hate them or love them. Becky as she is now people love her, but they also loved her before and Charlotte she always knows how to give you mixed emotions whenever she’s playing a heel or face, overall though I really enjoyed the segment, Becky she’s amazing!!


Now although both opening segments to Raw and Smackdown were pretty good, if you were to ask me which one brought a little bit more to me, i’d go with Smackdown Live. Not saying I didn’t enjoy Raw’s opening segment, I did, but I just prefer Smackdown’s opening segment just a liiiiittle bit more.

Becky now being known as The Man and seeing how much her character has developed since the last time I watched her, it’s just incredible!!! Becky is one of the best underrated WWE Superstars in my opinion. She’s also always been one of my favorite wrestlers to watch, it didn’t matter what match she was in, I always loved watching her, win or lose.

She’s great in ring and great overall, the moment she made her main roster debut, automatically she became one of my favorites, there was just something about her that I couldn’t put my finger on, but I just really admired and still admire her, overall she’s just great and i’m glad to see this version of her, she just suits it so well and i’m sure everyone will agree on that as well and if not then that’s alright, no worries.

Now Seth, I know you call yourself the Man and everything, but you might want to make way for Becky because she’s real close at being much more identified as The Man then you are, no offense, you’re still great though, but Becky she’s something and that’s meant to be taken in a good way.

Alrighty that’s all I have with this, although I know this isn’t this weeks Raw & Smackdown, I still wanted to talk about it, I will discuss the matches and other segments from last weeks episode of Raw & Smackdown Live in my next post. I was meant to post this earlier, but I kinda took a bit of a long break, sorry about that………I got distracted, it’s midnight now here, but this will still be posted though.

For those who watch wrestling, if you watched this episode of Raw & Smackdown, let me know in the comments below whether you preferred Raw’s opening segment or if you thought Smackdown Live’s opening segment was better instead.

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Feb 5, 2019

Okay so i’m going to be completely honest with you guys right now, i’m stressing out, i’m trying not to stress out, but i’m stressing out a bit, i’m really trying to get things in order for myself and it’s like I keep looking and looking and trying to figure it out, yet I just end up stressed out from it…………I know I probably shouldn’t look so much for something, but I want to figure it out, because I hate stressing over it………….

I’ll get it i’m sure I just need to stay calm and do my best to not stress out over it, gain composure and keep going, I need not to give up, I just need to remember to stay focus and calm and just keep doing my best that’s all, no freaking out or thinking too much on things and keeping my self down for too long and all that jazz, we’ll get it, we just gotta keep going and keep doing our best, no stressing, everything is going to be okay, well get it.

All The Love ❤ ❤


Feb 4, 2019

I just realized something……………whenever i’m asked a question or something, I tend to do a lot of analyzing and research and I don’t know why!? I’ll give you an example on what I mean, alright so I was reading this blog post from Ryan Kessell who I might’ve mention on here before owns the blog site GohomePWB and in the blog post he talks about being a Pro Wrestling kinda guy and talking about how while everyone is talking about the Super bowl, he’s not really bothered with it.

He then talks about how whenever he tries to talk about wrestling to others, a lot of people like to remind him about how it’s fake and how they are confused why he’s still into it and all that jazz, because you know some people just don’t get it and don’t quite understand that wrestling is for entertainment and to enjoy, same with some other sports, but back to what I was trying to get at…………in the post he talks about how when it comes to wrestling it’s crazy how you’re able to remember how you got into it most of the time, sometimes for some it’s not always like that, but that’s alright as long as you’re enjoying it right!?

Anyway while I was reading it I kept wondering about when I first got super into it and talking about moments that I remember watching in wrestling and towards the ending of the post, he asked for those who are wrestling fans when did we become a fan of it!? When I read that part, I went back to think about it and I couldn’t really remember how I became a fan, like for example: most people who get into wrestling there’s a specific match or some kind of moment they watched that made them want to become a fan of, you know what I mean!?

As for me though, I can’t remember any matches or anything like that, I just remember randomly watching it one day, seeing The Shield, wondering who they were and then becoming drawn to Seth Rollins first and then from there just went on watching it, thinking about it now, maybe that should’ve just been my answer, but it wasn’t.

I ended up doing some research and going back to when I lasted watched it, to when I went off it and what happened in between not watching it and then coming back to when I started watching it again and that who thing, so I can’t really answer simple questions like that, because i’ll just end up really thinking about it and researching a timeline and all that jazz……….i’ll try and work on that………..but if you’re a wrestling fan and what to check out Ryan’s post or you’re just interested in reading the post without being a fan of wrestling i’ll leave it for you, it’s called I’m A Pro Wrestling Guy.

Check it out it’s a real good post, also why not take a look at his blog site and other posts all together, his whole site is based around wrestling, so again if you’re a wrestling fan and enjoy reading wrestling blog posts, go and check it out, it’s good stuff!!

All The Love ❤ ❤


Feb 3, 2019

So not too long ago, I watched a local (not where i’m at) independent wrestling event match by the name of KEWP (Kentucky Elite Pro Wrestling) off this blog site Mid-West Territory and I actually really enjoyed it.

This independent wrestling match took place in some kind of bingo hall in Kentucky i’d like to think (it looked like that at least, it was nice though) between two female competitors by the names of The Amazing Maria and Dementia D’Rose……..now from everything that I gathered and watched The Amazing Maria is the current Queen of Frankfort and during the match you see Dementia wanting to change that fact and be crowned the NEW Queen of Frankfort with the audience behind her as well.

However, The Amazing Maria isn’t going to give up her title that easily without a good and long hard fight. Now this match is a tournament match if I didn’t already state that, so of course there were other competitors fighting for that same slot, but in the end it came down to Maria and Dementia, in my opinion I thought both of them did really well in their match, both competitors gave really great performances, they both delivered nice moves sets and were really giving each other a fight.

I actually had a few favorite moves that were hit during the match between the two, like when The Amazing Maria hit a bulldog move to Dementia as well as a nice cutter move, there was also this outside move planted by Dementia towards Maria, she tried pinning her outside, but the ref of the match told her she had to bring her inside the ring to pin her, Dementia also hit Maria with this nice corner move in my opinion which had her flying a bit towards the turnbuckle, I think Dementia just tripped her to have her land on the turnbuckle, not exactly sure, but I thought it was good.

There were a lot of different moves that were hit that I liked, there were a few moments I enjoyed, some regarding the crowd and also the ref and the performers as well, but overall I really enjoyed it, I didn’t have a specific person I was rooting for, both female competitors were great, the end though the winner ended up being the Amazing Maria with the help of i’m guessing one of the other competitors who was fighting for a chance at the Queen of Frankfort title as well.

Dementia looked like she had the match won when she hit her corner finisher move to Maria, but there ended up being a slight distraction with the ref, which gave…………I don’t know her name, but i’m guessing she’s an ally to The Amazing Maria. I’m going to guess though that her name is Lady Inferno, because looking at the picture of the event card, she just might be Lady Inferno, but anyway she helped out The Amazing Maria by coming into the ring when the ref wasn’t looking, hitting Dementia in the back with a steal chair and after she hit Dementia with the chair, she pulled Maria onto her, which led the ref to count to 3 winning Maria the match.

And that was the ending of that, yeah as you can see or tell more like, I was pretty invested in that match, I didn’t want it to end, I thought Maria and Dementia had good in ring chemistry, I thought they did great, hopefully they face off again and when they do, I look forward to watching them, there’s other matches from the site that I might check out just to see what other matches stand out for me, but yeah I just wanted to share that with you guys, for those who enjoy wrestling go and check out Mid-West Territories site <————

also if you want to check out the match for yourself, i’ll leave it for you it’s called ‘Queen Of Frankfort’ tournaments results (KEPW) I would recommend you give it a watch, it was really good!!!

All The Love ❤ ❤


Feb 2, 2019

Hey everyone I hope you’re all doing well and had a good Saturday, today’s been some kind of day I tell you, i’ve been up since about 7-7:30am, I tried to go back to sleep for a bit this morning, but I didn’t really sleep, just rested my eyes…………I haven’t really done all that much today, I just mainly cleaned up my room and that’s about it really, just one of those days, I hope you guys got into something much more productive ha.

I had a lot of random thoughts pop into my head as I was straightening up my room, normally when I clean up I like to listen to some music, you know make the cleaning process a bit fun kinda, however today, I wasn’t in much of a music mood and chose to watch an already recorded stream instead.

I think I actually spoke about this Youtuber before she goes by the name of SimplyPressStart (well that’s her channel name, her names actually Crystal) and she pretty much does let’s plays, but anyway I was watching her Animal Crossing stream while I was cleaning, it was relaxing, anytime I watch her videos, it always feels like your talking to a friend, only this friend isn’t with you and they’re streaming a game and chatting to a lot of other people watching them play the game, does that make sense!?

I hope so, I really enjoy her videos, they’re very calming, I’ll have to one day catch one of her live streams on Animal Crossing, right now i’m catching up.

A moment that happened while I was watching and cleaning, I was folding some clothes that I had washed a while ago and long story short, I randomly had this thought of when I use to watch these original shows off the WWE network, I don’t really know why, but it just popped up into my head, it was the weirdest thing, I remembered when I watched this one series on Seth Rollins, I believe around this time I started to become a little obsessed, that sounds quite bad actually writing that out haha…………

We’ll just say I was really into him for a good while, but anyway they had this documentary on the Network and it was about him recovering from a really bad knee injury, which caused him to miss out on WrestleMania 32, it was a really great doc, not only did you feel for Rollins having to miss out on one of the biggest PPV’s in WWE, but you also got to see how much he endured just to get back into the ring, there’s a whole lot more to it, but if you’re a wrestling fan and haven’t watch that, I would recommend checking it out, I believe the documentary is called WWE 24 Seth Rollins: Redesign, Rebuild, Reclaim, it’s really good at least I think it is.  

There were a few other series on Seth, all really great by the way………..I was also pretty into this other show on the Network called Breaking Ground, where I think they were introducing the new talents being brought in, talking about their story and the training they had to do, just everything, which I really enjoyed, that was something different.

Seeing a wrestlers journey and seeing how they managed to become apart of wrestling is really something special, you really only see them when they’re wrestling and the only thing you know about them is their character, so watching stuff like that where, you get to see them in a different light, with them being themselves and not playing a character, it’s pretty cool, you know, you’re getting to see a different side to them while also getting a look into their lives in way, which is pretty awesome!!

They have a lot of cool and interesting original series/shows on the WWE Network, I didn’t watch all of them, but the ones that did interest me, I really did enjoy them, some are hilarious and others are weird, but also pretty funny as well.

A few of my favorites are:

WWE Ride Along- This is probably one of my all time favorites, it’s where they take a few WWE superstars/wrestlers as well as a few crew members and have them travel to the next wrestling event together in a car and they just pretty much go to town having hilarious conversations.

They also sometimes tell a few on the road stories before they signed to the WWE as well as during and after, it’s really hilarious!! One of my all time favorite episodes is with Dean Ambrose & Roman Reigns, me and my friend Ray would watch that ALL THE TIIIIME, it’s just gold that one, I have a few other ones I like, but that one will always be at the top of my list.

I can’t remember the name of this one, but it was just like they told stories about something specific that happened in wrestling and everything, I think it’s called WWE Story Time……..something like that, I enjoyed that one.

The last one that I remember watching on the Network was this series called WWE Photo Shoot, it was a new original series when I watched it and in that show, they would bring in a wrestler and have them look at some old photo’s of themselves and see if they could remember the backstory behind those photos, it was quite nice, you’d be surprised on some of the backstories they told, but yeah I really enjoyed that too.

There were a few other shows I watched and enjoyed, those were just a few though, but yeah I just wanted to share that with you guys, i’m not really sure why I was thinking about that earlier, but it was a good memory to come across today, didn’t expect it, but it was nice.

Have you guys ever had a random memory pop into your head before out of nowhere, if so what was it about!?

All The Love ❤ ❤


Feb 1, 2019

SO as you all know today is the first day of February, which means we have left January behind, it’s insane how quickly time goes ain’t it!? not really sure what to write and talk about, i’m in a bit of a mood today, i’m trying so really sort myself out, because i’m at the point where if I don’t i’m just going to continue to feel not 100 percent happy and I can’t keep feeling not 100 percent happy, I know i’m lacking in the “be in the moment and enjoy things more” department, I don’t know how to get out of being there.

It’s like although i’m trying so flipping hard to come back to being my old self, I know that i’m still not entirely there and everyone keeps telling me that i’m constantly stress and that i’m not the same, as if I don’t know that!! I know the stress I feel, I have to keep on a lower level compared to how I was initially feeling it and i’ve been working on that, now the whole i’m not 100 percent myself part, that’s a little hard at the moment.

When you’ve been feeling a certain way for a good while, you’re not just going to go back to being 100 percent right away, everyone knows that and it’s like everyone want me to be back already, i’m trying, but right now i’m trying to keep myself focus, i’m trying to figure things out on where i’m supposed to go, my minds is constantly all over the place and i’m trying to keep it in a state that is manageable to where i’m able to control it, all it really is, is me trying to have some kind of balance once again.

I know i’m a certain way and i’m trying to not only work with it, but also change it to a different way to what i’m use to if any of that makes sense!? When it comes to the way I am, I can’t really explain it to you, I just do things and work a different way than most people do and that’s for a reason, but that shouldn’t be an excuse, not that i’m trying to make like it is, i’m just saying that…….because of the way I am, i’m trying to fix the way I process and do things and it’s not easy, but i’m trying………….I know I need to get out more and push myself to doing things that I normally wouldn’t………

It’s a lot of pressure not just from around me, but also from within myself, i’m very hard on myself when it comes to a whole lot of things and one of the main things is coming out of my comfort zone, i’m so use to it, but I know that everyone has that issue so that’s not an excuse…………I know that everyone is worrying about me and I know that they’re not happy, but what am I suppose to do, i’m doing the best that I can and I really am trying……….

I will say though……….I do need to work on enjoying things more, it’s not like i’m not, it’s just taking me a bit longer than I expected to really enjoy it properly, but i’m going to continue to work on that and have a bit more fun more, even though i’m trying to stay focus on where i’m going in my life, I know that’s one of the things i’m lacking and i’ll work on it more.

I do hope that i’m getting somewhere though and that i’m doing alright in my life, that’s one of my main thoughts all the time, that and wanting things to be better, with the little bit of hope i’m trying to keep near me always……………….I hope it does.

All The Love ❤ ❤



We all at some point are meant to set a couple of goals for ourselves, some of us can set goals for days and others it can take a bit to set a couple of goals…………some of us aim very high when it comes to setting goals, while some of us don’t, now is bad not to set high goals!? I’m going to say no and yes, no because you should always want yourself to continue on progressing and hitting all the different things you set for yourself.

However when you aim high, you also have to realize that when you give yourself a specific goal you’re trying to reach, just know that sometimes it won’t always go according to plan and that you’re not going to always hit that goal when you want to hit it, sometimes it’ll take a good while before you actually hit that said goal or maybe it won’t because when you really want something, you’ll be the kind of person to go after it and makes sure that you complete the thing that you wanted to complete.

It all really depends on you and how your work ethic is as well as how determined you really are…………….but if you don’t end up getting to the goal that you set, don’t you worry about it, maybe for you it’s going to take a bit more time, frustrating yes, but sometimes a little more hard work at a not so speedy pace can sometimes be worth it, not all of us are able to keep up and there’s nothing wrong with that.

However you have to stay determine and continue to work hard with everything that you do, don’t throw in the towel so quickly, keep going and don’t give up. Okay maybe you don’t have much goals set yet, but that doesn’t mean that you won’t ever, you just have to keep trying, don’t look down on yourself when you don’t have the answers yet and don’t stress yourself out so much trying to figure it out.

If you need to figure it out fine, but don’t beat yourself up so much, you have to go with the things that naturally speak to you, don’t think too hard on it…….just focus on the main things your aiming for and do your best to get there, don’t listen to your thoughts because they will only ever be a distraction to you, also stop telling yourself that you’re no good with things and that you only have to focus on one thing, if you want to focus on one thing fine then do that, but if you want to keep yourself busy, why not try and pick a few other things to go with that main thing you want to focus on!?

It doesn’t have to be this huge thing, but it might help with the whole setting goals for yourself, you need to stop being afraid and start going for things more, you want people to stop telling you that you’re only good with certain things, then prove to yourself that you are capable of handling more than one thing, prove to yourself that you can, try and set a few simple goals and work your way from there without thinking so much about it.

Give it a try and don’t be afraid to set those high goals for yourself, because you never know what those kind of goals can bring you, you know you have it in you so stop trying to convince yourself that you’re not good enough, because you know that you are, you just need to finally let yourself know that.

All The Love ❤ ❤