Dealing With Anxiety, Depression, Eating Disorders And Other Mental Illnesses…….

Let’s talk about dealing with Anxiety for a moment shall we!? I’m gonna be the one to say it and i’m sure a lot of you will agree if you too deal with anxiety on a daily basis. Anxiety is the WORST sometimes, especially when you’re dealing with something that shouldn’t be that big of a deal, but it is for some reason, it’s like no matter what you do your brain just likes to remind you there’s a problem and that it’s totally gonna make it a bigger problem then it actually is. Now i’ll be real because that’s why i’m writing this and I want to be as real as I can when it comes to my blog posts. I feel if you’re expressing yourself and words fail you when you need it most, writing about how you feel is the best way to get everything you’re thinking and feeling out, when you feel like you can’t really talk to anyone because they won’t really understand and get it, so you think to yourself “well since no one will listen or I know they’re not gonna understand and get it, i’ll just write it.” Writing really is a nice way to just de stress and get all your thoughts out of your mind, i’ve spoken about this before in my finding your happy place blog post, If you haven’t read that one you can read it here: Finding Your Happy Place…..

Anyway to dealing with Anxiety………this is a little hard for me because I don’t really like to talk about it, I only speak about it to certain people that I trust and are really close to me and the ones that I tell they either get it and understand because they too deal with certain things in their life or if they don’t get it, they will take the time to try and understand what it is i’m going through. When I was about 19 years old i’d say, I was in my teens (late teens) I had just graduated from high school or it was around the time I graduated. I went to see this specialist and with me i’m not really comfortable around certain people if I feel some kind of energy i’m not use to or that I don’t like, I stay away from it because I don’t like the way it makes me feel, so obviously if you know somethings bothering or you don’t like someone or you get a weird vibe you keep yourself away right!? So we saw this specialist and right away the vibe that I got even before I went inside the office they were in I hated it, I just didn’t like the atmosphere of the place, I hated everything about it, made me super anxious and it felt weird.

So we go into the office of the specialist who was speaking with me and I couldn’t make eye contact because I was super uncomfortable, I just wanted to get out of there so bad. While being in there, they had me do some…….I don’t know what it is, but it kinda is to see what is wrong with you, all I remember is having to look at pictures and tell them what I saw in them and also look at this book with different things in it and I think remember it or copy what I saw (It was a long time ago so I barely remember) but while doing those activities I still didn’t make eye contact with the specialist and if I did it was only for a second, like literally a second. Long story short…….good news is I was told i’m a really good visual learner and that made me happy, next part didn’t though………because he then says I have a problem with looking people in the eyes (Only people I don’t trust or like) that’s when I learned that what I had was anxiety………now I know there are a lot of different types of anxiety, but I was never really informed on which one I had so I don’t know exactly the kind I have…….but yeah I found out that I had developed anxiety and I never really understood what that was until I was told I had it. When you’re told that you’re dealing with some kind of mental illness it’s not always easy to process how you feel in that moment and to those around you, because they don’t understand it entirely and what it does to you, to them everything you’re feeling isn’t a big deal you know.

People who deal with a mental illness, be it Anxiety, Depression, Eating Disorders and all the different issues people go through on a daily basis. To them everything they’re feeling is real, it’s not just something in the moment, it’s not something you should be brushing off as just another problem and they’ll deal with it and be fine the next day……no…….those kind of illnesses don’t just go away, it’s there from the day they know they’re dealing with something, but don’t really understand what it is yet and i’ll be there for the rest of their life. People don’t understand that when it comes to dealing with a mental illness there’s a whole lot to learn, It’s not just “oh they’re going through their problems again or they’re having some kind of a bad day but no worries they’ll get over it and be okay” That’s not how it works. You ever heard that saying where it goes “The people who are the most happy are the ones suffering the most” Yeah that saying is true, people who have a daily battle within themselves, but try to save face just so people don’t ask them what’s wrong because they don’t want to have to face that fear of “if I tell them they will just think it ones of those normal issues that everyone goes through and tell me to just get over it” or they think they are being a burden on you so they won’t dare cross that line of feeling like fool and putting their mental issues on to someone else. I know that everyone goes through difficult times in their lives, but you also have to keep in mind that some people go through so much worst then what everyone thinks.

For those people who sit there and say “oh i’m so depressed” freely sure you might be, but why don’t you live in the mind of someone who deals with actual depression every day of their life. Same goes for someone dealing with anxiety and or other mental illnesses, you can’t just think that, that’s how it is because there’s a lot more to it then what society projects it as, A WHOLE LOT MORE…….When it comes to me, dealing with my anxiety is hard, i’m not gonna lie, people who deal with it will get it. Again I don’t know what kind of anxiety I have, I don’t think it’s social anxiety because when I want to i’m very expressive and I know how to make friends, but that’s only when I feel like I don’t have to pretend, I can just be me and I feel comfortable with my surroundings and with certain people. Although if you were to ask my family they’d probably tell you i’m anti-social, because honestly I don’t come out of my room so much. I stay to myself and in my room all the time, but that’s only because I enjoy being by myself, I prefer to be in my own space where I know I can be me and not have to worry about anything. When i’m around the right people though it’s like i’m a totally different person because like I said before, when I feel comfortable I can be very out-going and I enjoy myself.

If you were to watch me closely, you’d see how I am when i’m around friends or people i’m comfortable with, compared to when it’s just me and my family, it’s not that I don’t want to be around them, it’s just not my thing and plus I got so use to being by myself in my own space, it just kinda stuck with me……..To conclude what my point is here, when it comes to people who deal with Anxiety, Depression, Eating Disorders and other types of mental illness. You have to be kinder to them, you can’t just brush off their issues as normal things. You have to help them through it, talk to them about their feelings, reassure them, that kind of help, forcing them to come to you is not what you should do, go to them and really listen to how their feeling, don’t hear them, really listen. Let them know that whatever they’re going through, you’re there to help them get through it and you’re there if they need you. Stop treating mental illnesses like it’s nothing because to me and everyone else going through it, it’s not just nothing, it’s everything.

For those dealing with Anxiety, Depression and other mental illnesses, there are people who will help you and listen to you, don’t keep your emotions in, talk to someone, a friend, close family members just someone you trust and you know will really take the time to listen and also there’s a lot of different hotlines you call if you just need someone and you feel like no one will listen to you. Remember to hang in there and even though it doesn’t seem like it, things will get better and you will get through it.

That’s all from me I know this is probably the longest blog i’ve ever written, but I just felt that I had to say this because there are people dealing with these kinds of mental illnesses on a daily basis and people don’t seem to understand how serious it really is. I just hope that I said everything okay and yeah……I just want you all to know that this is from my point of you on everything and also has to do with what I feel when it comes to dealing with my Anxiety. I hope you’re all doing okay and I hope you have a good night/morning/evening.


All The Love ❤ ❤




When People See The Best In You And Believe In You, Yet You Don’t See It In Yourself……..

It’s always crazy when you learn that people believe in you, you know!? especially when you for a long time didn’t believe in yourself all that much. We’ve all been through that at some point in our lives, something presents it’s self to us and we’re like “I don’t know about this” or we think of maybe trying something, but are afraid we’re not gonna be the best at it or we’re not good enough to do it…….yeah it happens to the best of us. The question is though, why is it that even when people tell us we’re capable of something and they believe in us, we still don’t believe them? It’s like no matter how much they tell us that we’re good enough and try to get us to see all the thing they see in us, we just brush it off and think they’re just saying that to make us feel good or something and sometimes some people do just say things to make us feel good because they don’t want us to feel a certain way (which isn’t always a bad thing) but what about those who really mean it!? It can be hard to decipher who’s real and who’s just feeling sorry for you.

People who truly want the best for you and can see the real you inside and out those are the kind of people you should surround yourself with, because they will always see the best in you even when you don’t see it in yourself. People who see you doing big things that you don’t even think that you can do because of how big it seems, those are the ones you should be around, because they will always try and make it seem simple just so you aren’t intimidated by it. People who don’t expect you to always stick to all the things you once loved and don’t force you to make a decision on things, but simply support anything and everything that you do even if it’s just the smallest things, keep them close because it doesn’t matter what you do or how you feel they will always be there to help you figure things out when you aren’t able to figure them out on your own.

You see anyone who sees so much in you and believes that you can do anything you put your mind to as well as wanting to help you succeed with whatever you’re trying to go after, those are the kind of people you need in your corner, because whenever you feel like giving up or you feel you’re not good enough for something, they will always push you hard for all the right reasons and make sure that you don’t give up and that you know you’re as good as you give yourself credit for. They’ll also tell you how you putting  yourself down isn’t what you should do and how you should really start believing in not only yourself, but all that you’re capable of when it comes to showing what you’re made of and that is what a real person who believes in you looks like and feels like.

When you finally find the people who truly just want to see you do well for yourself and you see how much they see in you that you don’t see in yourself, well that’s where you start to really look at yourself and say “Well if they believe I can do it, why shouldn’t I believe too!?” and from there you’re gonna want to not only make those who saw something in you proud, but also you’ll start to want to make yourself proud as well and help yourself see all the things you couldn’t see before. Sometimes we’re gonna come to that road where we just in a way give up on ourselves and just feel like “well what am I doing with myself!? ” There’s always gonna be someone to come along and show you why you’re here and help you through your journey of finding out what you’re mean’t to do with yourself, while also showing you why you should never give up on yourself even when it feels like there’s no hope. There’s always a way and you’re always gonna have people who when you feel like you’re just stuck in the dirt, they will dust you off and tell you to keep going while staying behind you just in case you need them again.

And that is my blog post for today, I kinda got inspired by my boyfriend here with this one because he’s one my biggest supporters, he never lets me kick myself down and when I don’t believe in myself, he always believes in me 🙂 so yeah this is gonna sound cheesy to a lot of you but thanks love, i’m glad I have you…….and with that one I say hope you all enjoy the rest of your night/morning and evening ^_^


All The Love  ❤ ❤


Push Yourself Even If You’re Not Always Feeling Hundred Percent…….

Pushing yourself can be a very hard thing to do sometimes, especially when you think you have something good and then come to the realization that you have to regroup and start again. How do I know that because I just had to do that with this blog post, I started to write about something else thinking that it went well with what I was trying to talk about, which is about pushing yourself and it turn out to be a whole different topic which I will talk about eventually (I added it as one of my blog ideas, so you’ll read about it soon maybe) but goodness I was so frustrated because of that, like imagine your writing about something and you think that it’s making sense and it’s going with the topic you’re talking about and then you look at it and it’s like NOPE TOTALLY DIFFERENT TOPIC!!………Breath in………and breath out………okay I think i’m good now, sorry about that sometimes you just have to get it out XD

ANYWAY, back to the topic of this blog which was all about what now!?……….oh right, PUSHING YOURSELF………now when it comes to pushing yourself like I was saying it’s not always easy, it can be a little hard sometimes especially when you go in and out of motivation for things, that happens to me A LOT. One day i’ll be fine and ready to go and the next I don’t want to do anything, I don’t want to be around people, I just want it to be me, my thoughts, a good youtube video and that’s it. I just want to stay to myself and not be bothered, which in all honesty is most of the time, I prefer to stay to myself and do my own thing and I only like to welcome certain people in my space and there’s nothing wrong with that at least I don’t think it is. Everyone has those kind of days it’s totally normal.

Let’s get back into things, because I just keep going off track…….pushing yourself can be hard at times and we all know we’re not gonna be able to give 100% all the time, but it’s still important to push yourself even if it’s just doing the smallest thing. As long as you’re moving and doing something that’s all that matters. However, although pushing yourself to do the smallest thing is important……..pushing yourself to do things that you aren’t too keen about is what i’m talking about, now you don’t have to do super big things but say for example: You’re interested in starting a blog like this one, but you’re not sure if you’re gonna be the best blogger or you want to sing at that talent show you got going on in your school, but you’re worried that you’re not good enough and you start to remember I don’t like crowds so i’ll just sit this one out (i’ve been there) or 3rd option you want to start a gaming or regular youtube channel, but you’re not sure where to start or are worried people aren’t gonna like your content. No matter which one it is, if it’s something you want to try and you think hey this could be fun maybe i’ll give it a shot, go for it even if you aren’t sure where it’s gonna take you, just go for it.

Don’t be afraid to give something a shot if it interest you. If you push yourself to at least try and just see how it is who knows how far you can go with it, also remember that whatever you try, it may not always go in the direction you like at first and that’s okay not everything is gonna go according to plan right away. Things take time to grow, but as long as you work hard and push yourself in a healthy way (don’t push yourself too hard, trust me it doesn’t end well, you’ll just end up running yourself into the ground and you never want to do that) just work hard and do everything you can to push yourself and continue to grow whatever it is that you want to grow, even if you’re not a 100% sure it’s gonna go well, as long as you just start somewhere and you keep going with it, depending on if it’s something you really want to go with, then you will go far and things will start to present it’s self to you and you’ll be happy that you never gave up on what you started with.

Alrighty then well that’s all from me tonight, I started writing this early in the morning but what I was talking about at first didn’t go with the topic I was talking about, sooooo I had to regroup and start again and I just really hope that everything i’ve written here made sense and goes with the title of this blog post, let’s hope it does because I really tried to have it make sense. Anyway I hope you all have a lovely night/morning/evening. It’s late here close to 11pm so i’m gonna get some sleep not now, but in a bit haha.

All The Love ❤ ❤



P.S. I forgot to say, I just realized i’ve been blogging for a week now and that made me happy knowing that and yeah I wanted to share that ^_^ also it’s close to midnight now i’m going. 

Letting Go and Moving On…….

I once wrote about these topics in my thought journal before, separately of course although most people talk about these topics together……..I guess because they naturally go together when bringing one of them up, so let’s talk about these topics once again shall we!? First let’s start with moving on it might be backwards, but just stay with me here okay. I was listening to music and the artist I was listening to was Sara Bareilles some of you may know of her, some of you also may not which is fine, but she is a great artist so if your looking for new music, you should check her out who knows you might like her.

Anyway the reason I brought her up is because she has this song called December and it’s one of my favorites from her and there’s a line in that song that goes “To get yourself a new life, you’ve got to give the other one away.” now i’m sure there are a lot of  different interpretations for this song, but what I want to talk about is that line because what she is saying is true, if you want to start something new or like she says get yourself a new life, you’ll have to give up the one that you’ve been use to and that means getting out of your comfort zone and embracing new opportunities and just trying something new. Now getting out of what you’re use to is better said then done especially when you’ve been in it for so long……….some people are able to get themselves out of being stuck in the same place and then thrive on opportunity when it comes knocking on their door or when it approaches, which is really great for them because you should be able to do that………then you have others who want to do that, but then let fear, what people think and what they say pretty much stop them from doing what they want, so they don’t and they keep themselves from reaching their full potential which isn’t good.

I know this scenario all too well because i’m living it, i’ll be frank (yeah I know that saying, I also had to look it up just to make sure i’m using the term right and I think I am) but anyway back to what I was talking about. I know what it’s like to want to move on with where you are in your life and do something different, but being scared to or just letting others affect my decision and trying to tell me what they think I should do and then just letting them pretty much convince me when in my heart, I don’t want what they want, no one wants people to tell them what they should do or how they should do it, everyone just wants to do their own thing and that’s okay if you want to do your own thing, sure people can give you advice on certain things, does that mean you should take it no…… can listen their advice, but if you know what you want out of life why should you listen to what everyone else has to say about it. If you feel in your heart and know that your guy instincts are trying to guide you to where it thinks is best for you why not listen to it!?

We have the power to decide what’s best for us and how we live our lives, how we do things and live our life is our choice no one else’s. Don’t let others stop you from doing the things you want, if you feel like you need a change in your life then do it and do it in the way you feel best and not how everyone else thinks you should do it, sometimes you have to let go of old habits and situations in order to move on to big and greater things and the life that you deserve to have, I know that letting go of the things you’re use to can be scary and all, but if you want to move on and have the life you want then you’re gonna have to let go of the life you have now.

For those who are struggling to let go and move on in their life because of fear or not being sure whether you should or not, I believe in you and I know that you can do anything you put your mind to. If you’re happy with where you are then then good for you keep doing your thing, but if you’re not then work hard to get to where you want to be and do it the way you see fit for yourself, we will get through our breakthrough together somehow, because we’re strong and we have the power to do so.

I hope everything I said here made sense with the topic I was going for. Anyway I hope you all have a lovely night/morning/evening 🙂


All The Love ❤ ❤


Fighting For Love

You ever wanted someone so much to the point where if you could, you’d fly or teleport to them!? (I mean you can fly somewhere by taking a plane, but i’m talking superpowers here, you probably guessed that) no but in all seriousness, not to be all cheesy or sappy or anything, but it’s like………love is a beautiful thing okay, especially when you know that two people really genuinely love each other, love is also pretty rare nowadays…..we all know how it’s not everyday you find someone who really cares and loves you for who you are, whether you’re weird (in a good way) random or just anything that you would see as “oh who’s gonna want to be with a person like me who constantly freaks out about small things!?” or whatever you find a not so good trait about yourself, you know what I mean!?

It’s like we all have our fair share of things we don’t quite see as a good thing about ourselves, but it takes someone who really cares deeply about you and loves you unconditionally to see pass all of those bad traits we think we have and just accepts our flaws as just being apart of us. There are some people who don’t really understand what it’s like to love someone so much that all you want is for them to be next to you and just be there when you need them or just need that safe place to turn to and that’s because they aren’t going to get it, because it’s hard to find something so real once you’ve got it and when you know that you have it, you don’t ever what to let it go because who knows if you’ll ever find something like that again.

You want to know the best part about being with someone you love deeply!!? That no matter what is going on and how you’re feeling, you know that you can’t fall too hard because they’ll always be there to catch you and keep you from hitting rock bottom completely and not only that, but they’re also your biggest supporters and will be proud of you no matter what you do…….knowing you have someone who is not only your partner in life, but also your best friend as well is the greatest thing in the world, because having that kind of relationship you know that you don’t need to be anybody else but yourself and no matter what you do they’ll always make sure you know how much they love you.

You know you found that person you want to spend your life with when you can just talk about literally anything and it doesn’t feel weird or awkward, it’s just natural and casual and not seen as a big deal which is nice, because you can talk about embarrassing things and just laugh at it, without both of you getting uncomfortable and those kind of conversations that are hard to bring up to someone like a friend or family member even, is natural between two people who care about one another on not only a personal level, but also emotional and mental level as well.

I gotta say though my favorite thing about being with someone you truly love is they won’t let you feel a certain way about yourself, they will do everything they can to make sure that you’re always happy and well and when it comes to dealing with things they won’t let you do it alone, because they want to deal with them along side you and fight all your battles with you because to them…….your fights are their fights and vice versa.

To sum this all up because i’m not sure if any of this made sense or if i’m just gushing about love, but when you find and finally have that special someone in your life who you can be yourself with, without judgement and you know that if you need them they will always be there and just everything that I said already…….hold on to them, because a love like that is really rare nowadays, especially when you’ve connected in all of the ways you’re mean’t to connect with someone who just makes everything feel………..just everything is better when they’re around.

Once you have that kind of love, don’t let it go because if you do, you’ll regret it and you’d wish you hadn’t…….also just a heads up to never let other people try and convince you that what you’re feeling isn’t love or that you don’t know anything about it, because in all reality it doesn’t matter what they think or feel………it’s how you feel and what you feel doesn’t concern everyone else, no ones gonna feel the same feelings as you and that’s okay because they’re not mean’t to, only you know what’s right for you and that’s all that matters. So fight for the love you want and go on and be happy because life is too short to not be fully happy 🙂


Anyway it’s late, 12am to be exact not that, that matters or anything XD I started writing this around 4pm yesterday but I had one of those days again where I didn’t know what to write about and so I went and did other things until something came to me and for some reason, love was the topic that was on my mind, so I hope you guys are able to take something from this blog here, it’s different…..but I think it could be something useful for someone hopefully……….anyway hope you all had a lovely day yesterday and I hope you have one again today depending on what the time is where you guys are…………you all have a goodnight/morning/evening 🙂


All the love ❤ ❤



Edit: i’m now publishing this at 1am, yaaaay XD 

Finding Your Happy Place…..

You ever wake up feeling a certain way causing your day to start off on the wrong foot of things and then how you feel just starts to mess with everything not only your mood, but just everything you do in general!? yeah I had one of those days today and it really started to take a toll on me to where I started to get agitated with things around me…….now I was going to write all about that feeling I was going through today, but for some reason I couldn’t and my mind became blocked and I sat on my bed for a pretty good while trying to write something, yet I couldn’t……it even took me a bit to even write the title to this haha.

While that was happening, I was listening to music while my dog was sleeping next to me, trying to figure out what to write and even asking my brain and soul (don’t judge sometimes you gotta do that) pretty much asking myself what does it feel…….just so I can put something down. The song that was playing was a Jazz song it was called Point Of Departure by Nelson Rangell, as I was listening to it I couldn’t help but feel at ease a bit to the point where I was smiling and my happy state of mind was coming back to me and in that moment everything I was feeling just melted away………what i’m saying is the Jazz song inspired me to write about finding your happy place because I was trying to find mine earlier and I gotta say that at this very moment I feel pretty alright 🙂

Now to somehow bring what i’m feeling to you guys wondering how you can find your happy place when feeling on edge, agitated or just anything that is causing you to not form words properly and having you turn into your worst enemy………Here are a few  things you can do when you’re not feeling like yourself.

Listen to some music to try and soothe your mind and soul……best thing to do is put on some of your favorite songs, whatever that is, it could be Jazz (that’s always good, no lyrics for you to sing to distract you, just some good ole’ instruments) speaking of instruments maybe you like Classical (Classical is good too, I enjoy it from time to time) it doesn’t have to be Jazz or Classical though, it could be anything that calms you down or just takes your mind off everything for a good while.

Close your eyes for a bit, breathe and focus on your breathing until you feel you’ve calmed down enough……now i’m sure you’ve heard people say all the time if you’re feeling tense or anything just close yours eyes, count to 10 (or a higher number) and breathe and keep doing that until you feel a little better……..well let me tell you believe it or not it does work, but it’s on you to want to stop yourself from getting overly wound up or super agitated. Breathing does work and it does help, sure we breathe all the time, but we don’t really take the time to focus on our breathing when we know we need to……so go and try some breathing techniques and see if it helps you or not, you never know it might just be your new favorite thing.

Try writing down your feelings…….TRUST ME writing down how you feel or just jotting down your thoughts in general really does help. Anytime I have too much on my mind or I just feel I need to get my thoughts out on something, I always grab one of my journals and just lay it on the line and I have a lot of journals but they’re all for different things not just writing down my thoughts. I enjoy writing because it lets me express myself in the ways I wouldn’t be able to out loud, so I know that if I have trouble saying how I feel out loud, I can just write it down to try and make sense of it all and once I do that I feel a little better. I just want to let you know that you don’t have to be an expert at writing, when it comes to writing you can express yourself in anyway you want, from song to your thoughts, even just randomness it doesn’t have to make sense…… long as you acknowledge your thoughts and put it in front of you, then you won’t have it to where it’s taking up space in your mind. Keeping things in your mind isn’t good so grab a pen or pencil (I always use pencil because…….well I just like writing in pencil) and go to town with your thoughts, it doesn’t hurt to try at least.

There’s a lot of different things you can do to find your happy place, you can read a book, maybe playing video games is your thing, drawing it can be anything really, just find something to keep you at ease.

Those were just a few things that help me when i’m feeling on edge from time to time, but i’m sure you all have your own thing that you turn to when you need to find your happy place and whatever that is to get you back to you, I hope it does work and helps you feel good again, because everyone should feel good and not have to have their brains melt and drive them nuts haha……..anyway that’s all from me, I didn’t realize I was writing so much I just noticed while I was wrapping up this blog that I wrote a lot……..hope I made sense and it helped in someway, I also hope I gave some good suggestions to you guys. If you guys want, maybe you can share with me what you do when you need to find your happy place and who knows maybe I could pick up some new tips from you guys. ^_^


All The love ❤ ❤


Negatives VS Positives

Although i’ve already written about fighting through the negatives and trying your best to stay positive, sometimes it’s better said then done you know………especially when you’re battling negatives all the time, I asked myself earlier how do you stay positive when all your around is negativity!? i’m still figuring that out actually and although I try my hardest to stay as positive as I can it’s so very hard………I just want to be able to feel good again, i’m sure you all have those days where no matter how hard you try and how hard you fight off the negativity you just somehow feel a little defeated too…….I know i’m meant to be positive here and i’ll do my best to turn this around someway, I just really feel this so much……….

Now let’s talk how we’re going to turn this around, so the question is how do you stay so positive when all you are around is negativity!? I don’t know……..I want to say I have all the answers and I wish I could tell you exactly how to stay positive in a wave of negativity, but I don’t even know……..all I know is we have to find and hold on to something that will keep us going and keep us from falling apart completely, just so we can have that bit of hope and faith that will somehow get us through the day and in the end will be worth all the pain and struggles we had to go through………

I don’t know if I turned this around and wrote this in a good light or anything, but what I was trying to get at is that whether you’re struggling in your life right now and you feel like days aren’t getting better or it’s just too hard to go on, please go on and keep pushing yourself somehow to get to where you want to be in life, because all that you’re feeling is only temporary, I know it doesn’t seem that way and you probably heard that from a lot of different people, but giving up and letting yourself be defeated isn’t what you want to do, you should never let negativity win because you’re only giving up on yourself when you do that so PLEASE……..please keep pushing and know that better days will come, sure it’s gonna take a bit of time, but they will……..and if you feel like you can’t push yourself look to those around you to help, I would suggest those who really understand and get you and always makes sure you don’t fall flat on your face. 🙂

I hope you find your flashlight to guide you through the dark (I was inspired by Jessie J with that line lol XD) All the love ❤ ❤